ViMP 3.6 contains the following new features:

  • Backend dashboard
    The new backend dashboard provides useful information about the growth of your platform.
  • ViMP player quality selector (all editions except of ViMP Community)
    Different video formats can be defined in the backend and selected within the player.
  • Custom media fields
    Define additional media fields that will be displayed on the media pages and contain custom data.
  • HTML5 upload
    We integrated a completely new HTML5 uploader with cross-browser drag'n'drop support.
  • Real names instead of usernames
    ViMP can be configured to display full names instead of usernames in the frontend.
  • Direct upload into channels (channel module)
    Authorized users are able to upload media directly into a channel.
  • Completely reworked media import (media import module)
    The media import module has been reworked completely and offers more functions and control options now.
  • Livestream on the start page (livestream module)
    A livestream can be displayed on the start page of ViMP.
  • Banner ads on smartphones (all editions except of ViMP Community)
    Add banner ads that will be displayed within the smartphone template, too.
  • Time-controlled media release (ViMP Corporate and ViMP Corporate Campus)
    Define a start and/or end date to control the publishing timeframe of each medium.
  • Web channel module (ViMP Corporate and ViMP Corporate Campus)
    The new web channel allows you to embed media outside of your intranet.
  • E-Learning extension (included in ViMP Corporate Campus, optionally for ViMP Corporate)
    Create video-based learning courses with questionnairs with the brand new e-learning extension.
  • LDAP mixed mode (ViMP Corporate and ViMP Corporate Campus)
    Use LDAP authentication and ViMP authentication concurrently.
  • Video recording via webcam (beta) (ViMP Corporate and ViMP Corporate Campus)
    Record video and audio streams directly from a webcam.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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